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From the offset, we sense that Deok-chul has a passion that he by no means obtained to pursue. is the story in regards to the goals of this 23-year-old and the 70-12 months-old man. It’s about people with goals and those with out desires. It’s also about and for those who don’t even know what a dream is.

When he practises ballet, he can’t do a agency landing. Ki Seung-joo tells him there are no feelings in his moves, and it appears like a workout. When Lee Chae-rok isn’t dancing, he’s a waiter at a restaurant. A particular person from his past (Ho-beom) walks in and references that his father is being released from jail quickly; he asks Lee Chae-rok if he deserves a good life. A flashback happens of Lee Chae-rok asking Ho-beom for help after his father went to prison, and Ho-beom punches him.

Shim Deok

I read someplace that he practiced ballet for six months (appropriate me if I’m incorrect). I am not sure how much ballet did he do since I just know somebody might need act as a double every time the scene zooms out. Netflix It’s difficult to soar in life if you are tethered to regret. That’s what happens to both major characters in the Korean drama Navillera—also called Like A Butterfly. Both characters are so burdened by regrets and unresolved longing that they can’t absolutely embrace and luxuriate in life.


His father, a rice store clerk, did no matter it took to make a residing, and advised Deok-chul, the eldest son, to get an workplace job as a substitute of doing manual labor. Following his father’s wishes, Deok-chul handed the open recruitment examination and obtained the regular, secure job of a postman. He lived his whole life as a honest civil servant and have become a father of three.

The Episode Review

He notices one thing is up and confronts his student after class. Chae-Rok brushes aside his issues though and simply tells him he’s feeling slightly heavy. In truth, lots of his stresses stem from the death of his Mother, and with his Father launched from prison shortly, he guarantees to visit her once more soon. Episode 1 of Navillera begins with Deok-Chool paying his respects at a funeral.

Now, Sim Deok-Chool makes the choice to pursue his dream once more. His household, including his spouse and grownup youngsters, are not pleased together with his choice, however Sim Deok-Chool doesn’t waver in pursuing his life long dream. Deok-chul Shim (Park In-hwan) is a 70-12 months-old retired mailman who decides to pursue his life-long dream of studying ballet, which does not please his family. He is struggling financially and thinks of giving up ballet .

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